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Tristan Mentec

GenMat is building an end to end ecosystem of products that enables our clients to carry out AI-driven materials discovery all the way to raw material procurement using a quantum sensor fusion platform.
Director Special Projects

As Director of Special Projects, Tristan leads high-risk, high-reward research programs, with a focus on Defense, Aerospace, High Performance Computing and Exotic Engineering. His role involves the. definition of long-term strategic goals, the preparation of foresight reports on future industries of interest, the alignment of investor relations with engineering developments, as well as the management of collaborations & partnerships at the frontier of science. 

Tristan has 7+ years experience in deep tech, spanning quantum computing, neuromorphic architectures, materials science, synthetic biology, high energy physics and electronics. Tristan previously led the quantum technology transfer for CERN, the world’s largest particle collider.

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