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Mahdi Amachraa

GenMat is building an end to end ecosystem of products that enables our clients to carry out AI-driven materials discovery all the way to raw material procurement using a quantum sensor fusion platform.
Head of Platform Engineering

Mahdi Amachraa, armed with a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California San Diego, stands out for his extensive experience in computational chemistry and condensed matter physics, particularly in renewable energies, energy storage, and light-emitting materials. His groundbreaking research has been instrumental in discovering novel materials that promise significant advancements in these critical areas. Previously, as a Senior Research Engineer at Samsung Semiconductor Inc., Mahdi led pioneering efforts to uncover new crystalline phases and developed autonomous R&D software solutions. His work seamlessly blends machine learning with automated synthesis and sophisticated software solutions to drastically improve the pace of material discovery. Mahdi's vast skill set in materials modeling, leveraging machine learning for materials science, and crafting full-stack scientific software underscores his dedication not just to advancing the boundaries of materials science, but also to developing novel materials that achieve widespread adoption by users globally, while pioneering the creation of autonomous R&D laboratories.

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