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Atomistic Sensor Fusion Platform

Imagine a world where the invisible becomes visible, where every wavelength tells a story, and where data transforms into decisions. That’s the power of satellite-based hyperspectral imaging, combined with the precision of custom machine learning models. Our cutting-edge technology peels back the layers of the Earth’s surface, revealing insights in high-definition clarity that were once hidden from the human eye. From agriculture to mineral exploration, our hyperspectral imaging systems capture a vast spectrum of information, while our bespoke ML models analyze this data with unparalleled accuracy.

Highest Resolution

Step into the future with Genmat-1, outfitted with the planet’s most advanced hyperspectral camera. With a staggering 4.75-meter resolution, it unveils a spectrum of details that surpass the capabilities of the naked eye, offering a glimpse into the unseen marvels of our world.

Fast and Efficient Surveying

Experience the simplicity of e-commerce in the realm of surveying with our streamlined online ordering process. Secure a comprehensive survey of your desired location with an impressive turnaround time of just one day. Accelerate your surveying timeline by tenfold, merging convenience with speed in a revolutionary way.

Proprietary ML models

Our ML models unlock a treasure trove of possibilities, turning spectral data into actionable intelligence. This isn’t just imaging; it’s a visionary leap into the future of remote sensing.

Data Analysis and Cost Savings

Unleash the hidden potential of your land with our state-of-the-art ML models, designed to synergize with your historical data and reveal insights like never before. Dramatically slash geological survey costs and save countless hours, as our intelligent systems swiftly deliver precise results, propelling you towards informed decisions and a prosperous future.


Dive into the depths of data with Genmat-1, crafting intricate maps of deposits with precision. It’s not just analysis; it’s a strategic edge, equipping businesses with robust tools to decipher hyperspectral data, fueling informed decisions, and sparking a wave of innovation across diverse sectors. Let Genmat-1 be your guide to a smarter, more insightful future.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Together, let us embark on an exhilarating adventure in the times of private satellite operations to unlock the full potential of your ambitions.

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